With the lagotto romagnolo being a truffle dog, it is not unusual for owners and breeders to take an interest in truffle. For us it was the other way around. When Ragnar started to take an interest in the remarkable findings of Burgundy truffles made on the island of Gotland, where we live, we soon wanted our own truffle dog.
So we quickly expanded our group of dogs, at that time English setters and golden retrievers, with a lagotto romagnolo. The lagotto romagnolo had only quite recently been introduced in Sweden at this point, but we were lucky enough to be offered to buy a promising young female, Risungs Bellezia, and she became our foundation bitch and is in the pedigree of all Gleska lagottos.

Today, searching for and providing some high-end restaurants in Sweden and abroad with truffle is part of our businesses. Our lagottos ability and willingness to search and indeed find truffles is, needless to say, very important to us. Luckily the qualities that makes up a great truffle dog is also what makes the lagotto a lovely companion all year around – not just during truffle season!

I can not count the number of hours I have spent following closely behind one of our lagottos as they moves through the truffle terrain in search of the next truffle. While some of those autumn work days are cold and rainy and not every day brings a basket filled to the brim with truffle, the work is always the same. And to see the lagotto at work has given me an understanding and a great fascination for this breed. The lagotto romagnolo truly is a dog worth its weight in truffle!