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Raduno in Italy

By October 9, 2017April 5th, 2022No Comments

The annual Raduno in Bagno Di Romagna is THE show for any lagotto fancier. Unfortunately for us it takes place during our busiest time of the year – the truffle season – and it is almost never possible for us to travel there.

This year we missed out on a truly special moment for our breeding, but receiving the news via phone was not bad either.

Two dogs from our breeding were entered this year; Ch Gleska Goody-Goody in veteran class and Gleska Made My Day in junior class. Both owned by our dear friends Katrien van Gemert and Saskia Terwel at Rozebottel’s.

158 lagottos entered

Ch Gleska Goody-Goody
Best Of Breed Veteran

Gleska Made My Day
Best Of Breed


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